We offer a range of advanced trees and plants to accelerate your next project and get the look your after sooner.

Our nursery stocks a great selection of advanced trees and plants, including fruit, deciduous and mature plants such as camellias and Australian natives. When purchasing from us you’ll benefit from excellent value, overall tree and plant health as well trees and plants already adjusted to the local climate.

Examples of advanced trees usually available are Flowering Cherries, Canadian and Japanese Maples, Gleditsias, Tilias, Golden, Claret and Desert Ash, Zelkovas, Chinese Elms, Magnolias, Birches, Robinias.

Growing Advice:

Because of the diversity of this category its best to consult the label found on the individual plant for growing advice and soil suitability. Julie will also be more than happy to provide advice specific to individual plants. Generally speaking, regular watering is required until the plant becomes established.


Our advanced plants are typically available all year round, with new stock arriving in Winter. March and April is a great time to see trees with Autumn colour, and choose the best for you.

We stock advanced trees in both 25 litre and 35 litre grow bags.

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