An ancient plant family that originated in China, Magnolia varieties include both deciduous and evergreen shrubs as well as trees. Their impressive often fragrant flowers provide bold colours for weeks at a time coming into spring.

Magnolias come in many shapes and sizes, with some varieties being able to be grown in pots, while others can grow as high as 4 meters. The varieties we normally stock include:

  • Black Tulip
  • Felix
  • Vulcan
  • Soulangeana
  • Nigra
  • Stellata
  • Sunsation
  • Denudata
  • & a few more unusual ones

Growing Advice:

Magnolias are a relatively easy to care for plant once established that requires minimal maintenance while also being resistant to disease. Once planted in a wind protected area remember to consistently mulch the plant and watch for leaf spot.


We stock many different Magnolias, mainly in the spring when they are blooming in the gardens.

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