We offer an ever-changing assortment of rare plants and varieties that we think you’ll love.

The diversity of plants and their many varieties are incredible, so much so that some species and varieties can become rare and forgotten to the average gardener. So when you choose to buy a rare plant your not only creating more diversity and depth to your garden, your also doing your part to help protect these plants as well as expose them to other gardeners that might enjoy them.

Examples of stock include:

  • Cotinus varieties
  • Hamemalis sp
  • Rhus typhina
  • Camellia sinensis (Tea  plant)
  • Aronia sp
  • Styrax japonica
  • Prunus spinosa (Sloe)
  • Cornus varieties
  • Unusually Grafted Japanese Maples

General Growing Advice:

When looking for growing advice its best to take advice directly from the plant’s variety or in most cases you can refer back to the overarching plant type for advice.


We stock a selection of rare plants and varieties throughout the year. However, we only ever stock a small quantity of each plant so availability can sometimes be limited. We can also order specific rare plants on request.

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