Both functional and beautiful screens and hedges are an excellent way to segment garden spaces and to create privacy in an eco-friendly manner.

We offer a selection of suitable plants for both formal and informal hedge and screen types that are in the case of evergreens perfect for providing year round foliage for privacy purposes. Examples of plants we stock that are suitable for hedging include: Pittosporums, Photinias, Buxus, Leucodendrons, and many suitable Natives.

Growing Advice:

Because of the diversity of plants that can be used in a hedge or screen roles its best to ask us at the nursery or to refer to the plant’s label for planting instructions. But always remember to consider the spacing between each plant and to factor in the desired height of your hedge. Once planted, remember to consistently prune the hedge to encourage overall growth to avoid irregular foliage at the base of the plants.


We normally stock examples of all good hedging plants year round and can easily order in large numbers if needed. Discounts are available for large numbers.
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